English As A Medium Of Instruction In Pakistan Essay

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Primary grade writing instruction: A national survey. Writing Anxiety among Public and Private Sectors Pakistani Undergraduate University Students.

The study also revealed practices of teaching writing skills such as provision of model texts and relevant vocabulary items. Inconsistencies in English language teaching in Pakistan: A comparison between public and private institutions. International Journal of English Language Teaching, 4(10), 10-23. International Journal of Science and Research, 3(11), 258-261.

The major problems while teaching writing skills are lack of pre-writing activities, learners’ deficient command over vocabulary, grammar, spellings and punctuation, lengthy syllabus and limited time. European Journal of Business and Management, 4(15), 95-105. Anderson, R., Hiebert, E., Scott, J., & Wilkinson, I. Becoming a nation of readers: The report of the commission on reading.

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English as the language of development in Pakistan: Issues, challenges and possible solutions.

Culture, class and power: A critique of Pakistan English language textbooks.

This essay investigates the ways in which the English-medium education can be perceived as a solution or a problem in UK educational setting, in the specific case where English is not the dominant language of the pupils’ homes and community, and outside the UK, with particular reference to India’s educational setting.

College of Social Sciences, The University of Glasgow.

An investigation of two universities’ postgraduate students and their teachers’ perceptions of policy and practice of English medium of instruction (EMI) in Pakistani universities. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Comparative Studies, 1(1), 92-107.

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