Education Can Change The World Essay

For one thing, it’s expensive, both in terms of tuition and student fees, and in the income you lose by not working full-time.There’s also no guarantee that you’ll get that promised higher paying job, with greater job security.

If there are schools then you have a chance to go and get educated.

5- Can everybody possess this weapon which is education?

Others have been boring, overly strict, unapproachable, and at times unknowledgeable. A positive and fun learning environment makes students want to be in the classroom.

The first step in learning is that the children must want to be there.

Yes, all normal born children can possess education because they have all been born into this world with intelligence and so if we look for education, if we ask people around us, read books, observe the world and keep our ears and eyes open to learn, then we will be able to possess this weapon.

I think that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. What is very unfortunate is that as the years go by, many are not using education for a good purpose but are using education for fighting in the world with material weapons and destroying our world.Yes education is a powerful weapon that you can use for saving the world or a country or a human being. Education is knowing how to read, write and how to speak. If you are educated then you can work and you can learn even more than you know. Education comes from observing things around us and trying to understand them; the people who look after us when we are small like our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters help us to do this.Education also comes from going to school but we can only go to school if our parents have the means to pay the school or if we live in a country where schools are provided for all.Children need to feel the selfless satisfaction that comes from helping their fellow man.I have had many excellent teachers throughout my educational experience, some of these have been wonderful teachers that have set lessons to life.Other countries like France have the means of building schools and employing teachers, so like this children can be educated.Obviously, even in France there are families which don’t have the means to send their children to school but because France is a rich country schools are provided for everyone.I will be teaching at different places around the country, as I will be moving frequently.My future occupational plans include working with the Department of Defense school systems.I believe that students need a routine to help them think clearly and freely, such as that suggest by the Perennialist approach.Upon graduating from Concord College, I will attend graduate school and receive my Master’s degree in Education.


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