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The problem with checking hyphenation, capitalization, title case and abbreviations is that it's time-consuming and tedious, especially in long documents such as dissertations.

If you hyphenate a word in one place, you must remember to hyphenate it the next time it appears.

For example, "e-mail" shouldn't appear in the same document as "email".

It's the document that your degree depends on, so it's crucial that your words make the best impression.

Don't let your reader be distracted by small mistakes that can easily be prevented by checking your document for free with Perfect It. But once your dissertation is factually correct, it's important to think about the words you've written and how they present your ideas.

From Fortune 500 companies to freelance editors and academic researchers, Perfect It is the software that professionals use to check their text.

Below are some of the errors that Perfect It will help you find.For instance, the phrase "shares are a long-term investment" should have a hyphen; however, "shares are a good investment in the long term" does not have a hyphen.Inconsistencies in capitalization are a common problem in long texts.Each error, no matter how small, is a mental barrier that affects how your text is understood.And readers may judge you based on these errors, rather than on the content of your work.Perfect It takes you through each potential inconsistency so that you can decide which usage is correct.It's the best way to ensure your dissertation is free of consistency errors.But you can do all of that quickly, easily and more accurately by using Perfect It. It compares every hyphenated phrase to every non-hyphenated phrase, every capitalized word to every lowercase word, and every heading to every other heading.Perfect It checks every abbreviation, and it can automatically generate a table of abbreviations to include in your dissertation.But be careful – there are some cases in which phrases take a hyphen in one place but not in others.In particular, compound adjectives are hyphenated before a noun, but the same words may appear elsewhere without a hyphen.


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