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Brain stimulation techniques like electroconvulsive therapy are an alternative way to treat depression when standard medication is unresponsive....

[tags: depression, suicide, therapy, medication] - Many treatments within the medical field have been considered controversial, but even after seventy-eight years of use electroconvulsive therapy, also referred to as ECT, is still one of the most questionable treatments.

I intend to argue that electroconvulsive therapy is indeed a safe treatment of mental disorders when other treatments have failed....

[tags: Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)] - Did you know in 2007 suicide was the third most leading cause of death for teens ranging from 15-19. Now there are many ways to help prevent suicide like rehab or medication. Electroconvulsive therapy is another way to medicate the already medicated.

Doctors in the early 1900s didn’t know how to properly treat a person with schizophrenia.

Medical doctors would often place a person with the condition into an institution for an extremely long period of time and would perform tests that are now seemingly absurd, such as John Nash’s’ shock treatment.

[tags: brain seizure, depression and dysthymia] - Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or electroshock therapy, is a highly controversial form of therapy that was first used in slaughterhouses to render pigs unconscious so the workers could kill them with less hassle (Eastgate).

In humans, this form of therapy starts with the patient being given an anesthetic and muscle-paralyzing drugs to reduce the risk of spinal fractures.

Many would undergo such where they would inject a patient with large doses of insulin in order to produce daily comas over several weeks It was one of a number of physical treatments introduced into psychiatry in the first four decades of the twentieth century....

[tags: Schizophrenia, Mental disorder, Bystander effect] - Electroconvulsive Therapy: Why is it Effective.


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