Drunk Driving Essay

If the driver is over the legal limit they will be charged for drink drive offence.

When taken the sample if the lower of the readings is below is 35-39 micrograms, the driver will be released without any charges..

you are an experienced driver, you are relying on hundreds of small, coordinated reactions: Checking mirrors and distance; operating acceleration and braking; compensating for differing light and weather conditions.

All of these activities are taking place while moving at a far higher speed than the human body was originally intended to travel.

However, driving a car while the driver is influenced an alcohol can have series consequences.

Despite the benefits of driving is so big, there are disadvantages specially when driving under the influence of alcohol.

1981 was when introduced breath testing while in 1983 this act came into practice.

In the early 90’s a new act regarding drink-driving offence was introduced and 2004 driving when under the influence of alcohol or drugs increased the maximum penalty for causing death by driving when under the influence of alcohol or drugs to 14 years in 2004.

Drinking while driving is more common problem facing road users these days but they are seen lower risk by drivers.

Every single injury and death caused by driver who has an influence of alcohol is entirely avoidable.


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