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Morphine, in small doses, acts as a sedative or pain reliever but in larger doses, acts as an anesthesia.Codeine is much milder than morphine and is used in cough-suppression syrups.

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If you do not want children right away, you are told to take an oral birth control pill.

Women are known to visit their doctors for ailments sooner than men and usually leave with a new prescription.

All through life, women are taught there is a pill to fix most problems.

For example, if you have stomach cramps related to premenstrual syndrome, you are told to take Midol.

The most high-risk people susceptible to prescription drug addiction are teens, the elderly, and women.

Teens go through many changes that can lead to experimentation, self-esteem issues, and individualism.

In the teen years, acceptance is highly sought after among peers leading to a high risk of addiction from peer pressure.

Elderly people today are usually on numerous, “prescription medications approximately three times as frequently as the general population and have been found to have the poorest rates of compliance with directions for taking the medication” (NIDA, 2001, p. As you become older, more parts of your body start to shut down, thus one needs a prescription or two per body part, thus leading to numerous mixed medications.

Abusing stimulants can lead to hostility and paranoia over time.

If high doses are taken then it can lead to high body temperatures, an irregular heartbeat, and a potential risk of cardiovascular failure or lethal seizures.


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