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Bonse (2003) Writing modernist and avant-garde music in Mexico : performativity, transculturation, and identity after the revolution, 1920-1930 / by Alejandro L. Music in the Black and White communities in Petersburg, Virginia, 1865-1900 / by Ethel Maureen Norris (1994). Using hypermedia to enrich the learning experience of college students in a music appreciation course / Henry Edgar Duitman (1993). Reclaiming a music for England : nationalist concept and controversy in English musical thought and criticism, 1880-1920 / by William Scott Ball (1993) "De preceptis artis musicae" of Guilielmus Monachus : a new edition, translation, and commentary / by Eulmee Park (1993) The "si placet" voice : an historical and analytical study / by Stephen Daniel Self (1992). Tuning, temperament and pedagogy for the vihuela in Juan Bermudo's Declaracion de instrumentos musicales (1555) / by Maria Therese Annoni (1989). The Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music 1956-1961 : its goals, structures, programs, and people / by Cynthia E.

Wikle (2016) '' Acting In'': A Tactical Performance Enables Survival and Religious Piety for Marginalized Christians in Odisha, India / by Douglas Richard Anthony (2015) Resistance rooms sound and sociability in the East German church / by Alison M.

Furlong (2015) Constructing the Russian moral project through the classics : reflections of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, 1833-2014 / by Emily Alane Erken (2015) Questioning safeguarding : heritage and capabilities at the Jemaa el Fnaa / by Thomas Barone Beardslee (2014). Full-text release has been delayed at the author's request until September 17, 2019.

Gendrich (2003) Reflection on practice : a study of five choral educators' reflective journeys / by Marla A.

Butke (2003) Beyond content integration : multicultural dimensions in the application of music teaching and learning / by Carlos R.

Councill (2004) ​An investigation of the foundational components and skills necessary for a successful first-year string class: a modified delphi technique study / by Erika A.

Schulte (2004) ​The application of different teaching strategies reflective of individual students' learning modalities in the university flute studio class / by Nicole L.

Collins (2007) ​The effects of specific transfer activities on fifth grade orchestra and band students' rhythmic performance / by Andrea Olijnek Scheuzger (2006) ​Relationships among folk song preferences of grade five students / by Ibrahim H. For the audio files associated with this dissertation, click here.

​Keyboard improvisation characteristics of freshman and sophomore instrumental and vocal music majors / by Susan Lorrainne Chess (2005) ​Teaching improvisation to piano students of elementary to intermediate levels / by Yawen Eunice Chyu (2004) ​Student career perception : 6th-11th grade music students' assessment of self-efficacy, social perception, and potential enjoyment for music education and other possible careers / by Kimberly H.

New dissertations and theses are regularly added to the OSU Library Catalog which the select lists, updated less frequently, may not include. Blurred Lines: Musical Expertise in the History of American Copyright Litigation / by Katherine M.

Full text release has been delayed at the author's request until August 07, 2018.


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