Direct Instruction Research Papers

Direct Instruction Research Papers-23
There are 6 steps that are very important in the process.

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Independent practice gives the students the repetitions they need to integrate the new information or skills with previous knowledge or skills.

Independent practice also helps students to become automatic in their use of the skills.

To show your students what exactly they have to learn and what is expected from them, you can give them lesson objectives.

Use clear and guided instructions, so students can begin absorbing the new material.

There are 4 types of student responses to questions and actions a teacher should take depending on the answer.

After guided practice and receiving the right feedback, students are ready to apply the new learning material on their own.During this phase, students usually go through two stages: unitization and automaticity.During unitization, the students are putting the skills they’ve learned together and use them in new situations.I’ll give you the what and how, and include some practical examples.Direct instruction is a teacher-directed teaching method.Collect student data you can review and decide whether or not the lesson needs to be retaught.There are much evaluation and reviewing methods, so make sure to pick the right one to find out data that really means something.Here, the teacher demonstrates the skill or principle in small steps.Visual demonstrations will engage more students than a pure auditory lecture. Here, the teacher and students practice the concept together.There are a few essential steps for a lecture to be successful: But how you go about these steps?This is where the fun comes in, and where every teacher gets to use their creativity. So, if you think a lecture is boring, you got it all wrong.


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