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“The stuffed dumpling, humble as it may seem, is a dish with a fascinating history going back many centuries and interwoven into the cuisines of a number of countries.”[i] Origins The art of stuffed noodles dates back to the days of Marco Polo and his family, who were Venetian travellers that journeyed toward Constantinople.

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When Marco Polo finally returned home to Italy, he shared the secrets of the dim sum with Italy, which contributed greatly to the development of filled pasta.

In The New York Times Food Encylopedia, Craig Claiborne ponders the question.

Dim sum culture started in Hong Kong and Guangdong province, but has since spread throughout the world. In ancient China travelers along the Silk Road broke their journey by stopping at tea houses.

It was discovered that drinking tea helps digestion, so small pieces of food were offered with the tea.

Buns are also popular take away breakfast items for busy people, and can be found in travelling food carts all over Guangzhou during the morning rush hour.

Phoenix claws (fung zao) or chicken feet might seem like an odd treat, but after deep frying, boiling, marinating and steaming they become a local delicacy.

This was the summer capital residence of the great emperor of China, Kublai Khan, grandson of Ghengis Khan.

The Emperor became interested in stories of the native land of the merchants; thus, he sent the Polos back to the Pope as his ambassadors with messages of peace and interest in converting areas of China to Christianity.[ii] So delighted by Marco Polo’s brilliance including his language skills, demeanour and intellect, Kublai Khan officially made him a member of his court by way of an observer and sent him off to travel to other regions and outposts to document his impressions and report back to the court.

The small size allows the customer to order a great variety of dishes, creating a banquet of different tastes and flavors.

Barbecue pork buns (char siu bao) can be steamed or baked including pork, shallots and dark sweet barbecue sauce.


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