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As one’s travel bucket list lengthens over time, once in a while it feels okay to explore one’s birth place.

As one’s travel bucket list lengthens over time, once in a while it feels okay to explore one’s birth place.No matter how small or big one’s hometown is, the memories that come with it are mostly warm and nostalgic.

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Built on the lines of Mughal gardens (Persian architecture) that was popular during the 16th century, Hyder Ali (father of Tipu Sultan) decided to create Lalbagh Garden.

The Garden also surrounds towers (one of which gives the full view of the city from top) erected by the founder of Bengaluru- Kempe Gowda.

With intricate water system for irrigation, this garden is beautifully designed housing upto 1000 rare species of plants, manicured lawns, flowers of India, fountains, lotus ponds and trees up to a hundred years old.[caption id=”attachment_4403" align=”aligncenter” width=”1600"][/caption]The garden also has four entrances, each welcoming guests with its uniqueness.

This year I went in through the southern gate, which is the main gate, to experience the fragrant and visual treat of the flower show.

Nick watched Katie walk across the grass, the light scent of flowers that played in his nostrils seeming perfectly in tune as he admired her long, dark hair, her pink cheeks, and the sparkle in her blue eyes.

Every once in a while comes a moment in life where one wishes to shake things up a little bit.

Spotted here and there along the lawns are bushes and flowers trimmed in the shape of musical instruments like gramophone, veena or animals, modes of transportation and so on.

There is also display of unique farm produce using the latest horticultural technologies by farmers from all over the state of Karnataka.

That gully you played cricket in with your street friends, the movie theater you took your first girlfriend to, that book store that sells books by weight, the familiar flower seller at the temple you used to visit, the peace you felt in the Church aisles that you visited every Sunday with your family, the beach volleyball, your favorite restaurant in the corner- Why must it be replaced with exotic islands every celebrity endorses?

Why must they lay in the dusty corners of your memories?


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