Decline Rental Application Letter

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If you have any doubts, feel free to seek professional advice.

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You never know who might be comparing their letters to others, and so even if there was no bias in your decision-making, it makes sense to give everyone the same response.

Letter openers such as “Choosing the right applicant was an extremely challenging job” or “Writing rejection letters is always tough, but…” may be tempting, especially if your job was difficult, keep the applicant’s feelings in mind here.

We ask the aforementioned clauses be reviewed by your principals in consultation with your legal department at the earliest to enable us to move forward in a direction of mutual benefit.

Clause 2A especially is of great concern to us as it for all means and purposes transfers the liabilities pertaining to ownership of the property entirely into the hands of the prospective tenant. At the end of the third quarter ending last month, we have authorized the lease of 47 properties in 12 states and have never encountered a clause of this nature in any form or shape.

Last name], Thank you for meeting with my colleagues and me on [Date] to discuss your office property, [Address], and the terms of its lease.

[Date] [Name] [Designation] [Organization] [Address] Dear [Ms./Mrs./Mr. Please let me know if you have any questions or queries. It’s also nice to thank the applicant for their time. It may even get you in a bit of legal trouble to provide heavily detailed critiques of your applicants.If you feel it’s appropriate, a little honest and factual feedback is probably appreciated by the applicant, but otherwise, a simple note saying ‘You’re not what we’re looking for’ will suffice.Landlord Station will attempt to verify via direct contact (phone or email) information from the applicants rental application.You must provide us with a signed rental application from the applicant allowing such verification, or use your Landlord Station Rental Application. Landlord Station is not a licensed private investigator and will not obtain any information that is not included in the application itself. references to documents, sums, meetings and the like . As far as I and the other principals are concerned, your property is a perfect fit for us. We all know that once you decide on a tenant, you won’t change your mind easily.Don’t waste time waiting for another applicant or deliberating between several applicants.You’ve set yourself guidelines on whether or not an applicant will be ‘The One’, so there’s no reason to disregard these guidelines for the sake of the applicant’s feelings. If you don’t want pets, let the applicant know that’s why they were rejected.If you absolutely wouldn’t take an applicant who has previously been evicted, tell them that. Writing rejection letters is never going to be easy, or particularly enjoyable, but hopefully following our little ‘Dos and Don’ts’ guide here, the job will be a bit easier.


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