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One of the most influential retellings, both on my work and on mainstream society, was the film Black Orpheus, which sets the myth in the context of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival (to be fair, its success mostly lay in its stellar soundtrack rather than its deft handling of the myth).In this version, Eurydice, retaining her Greek name, arrives into the chaotic city in the beginning throes of the festival.As in all mythology, there is a great deal of speculation behind the supposed meaning of the tragedy of Orpheus and Eurydice.

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By Frederick Greenhalgh Among the many Greek myths involving the underworld, there is one regarding the Thracian poet, Orpheus.

Unlike the bold Hercules or Odysseus, who trek to the underworld as part of their heroic journeys, Orpheus was motivated by the loss of his fiancée, Eurydice.

Orpheus is brutally torn to shreds, and his head and lyre, still singing, land in the river Hebrus, and are carried to the island of Lesbos.

For all the tragedy, Orpheus and Eurydice are at last reunited in the underworld (247).

His plea is so moving that the underworld stands still: Tantalus made no effort to reach the waters that ever shrank away, Ixion’s wheel stood still in wonder, the vultures ceased to gnaw Tityus’ liver, the daughter of Danaus rested from their pitchers, and Sisyphus sat idle on his rock.

Then for the first time, they say, the cheeks of the furies were wet with tears, for they were overcome by his singing.

The viewer, as jarred by the strange environment as she is, journeys with her as she searches for her cousin, Serafina.

Eurydice bumps into Orpheus, a cheery, light-hearted trolley driver, who drives her to the outskirts of the city.

Orpheus doesn’t take the second loss of Eurydice very well.

He vainly attempts to cross Styx again for seven days before returning to the surface-world, where he spurns all women in favor of the affection of young boys.


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