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There are others who have made writing their profession. But there are many others who write to relieve emotional tension. They write about deeply moving topics like relationships, bereavement, anger, estrangement, divorce and other traumas – things they would be too embarrassed to speak about.

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All participants need to bring is an urge to express themselves, resolve personal dilemmas, a journal (or notepad) and a pen.

If you prefer to type please feel free to bring a laptop or i Pad.

Writing about them brings emotional release from their pain. A wonderful example of the therapeutic effects of writing is seen in the .

She and her family of eight people, hid in a cramped claustrophobic attic for two whole years during the German occupation of Holland.

Because of the positive effects on the immune system, there is a general sense of well being and less likelihood of psychosomatic complaints.

If writing is to be therapeutic it cannot merely be reportorial.Working through these negative emotions will diffuse the stranglehold of that incident and offer the freedom to move on. When we can’t think straight it is hard to find relief from our suffering. Through writing we can find the ‘story’ within our ‘situation’ and take more control of that story.This reduced her anxiety and fear of where her next meal would come from. Psychologists have recognized the benefits of writing as a form of therapy for psychoneurotic illnesses which follow traumatic events such as bereavement, loss of job, divorce and other stressful situations. He tested the effects of writing by specific markers like antibody levels, T-lymphocytes, enzyme levels, behavioural studies and muscular activities.Blood tests were done before and after the assignments.Some people have difficulty in verbalizing their anger.Writing relieves them of the damaging feelings they carry inside.Writing also prevents people from using harsh words that can never be recalled.Getting rid of anger through expression in writing helps let go of resentment.She wrote sensitively about the situation they were in; about her relationship with her parents and the growing awareness of her sexuality.Addressing her diary she wrote, “” There are people who have written beautiful songs and music when working through their pain.


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