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This is an excellent way to overcome the dreaded writer’s block.If you are lucky, you should find yourself jotting down ideas or concepts that might be worthy of further exploration.

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To do this, set a timer for 5 minutes and just write.

Put everything that pops into your head onto the paper. Anything that comes to mind should be written down.

Instead of only providing information, or provoking the audience to carry out some sort of beneficial action, creative writing exists to entertain or educate readers, to increase awareness about someone or something, and to express thoughts and emotions.

Creative writing can be broken into two categories: Good and bad, or effective and ineffective.

This could be fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, scripts and more.

The idea here is to express something through your writing, whether that be emotions, thoughts, feelings or something else entirely.

Use these words as topics to base your writing around.

If you find that the words are too difficult, or you don’t understand them, don’t be afraid to pick new words.

grade or doing some form of short writing for high school, college writing or beyond, there is no shortage of writing assignments.

You might be asked to write an essay, a short story, a book review, your resume, a scientific paper, a poem or even a creative story. Regardless of the nature of your writing assignment, one of the most challenging tasks comes from trying to figure out what words to put on the paper of the crisp, white paper that sits in front of you.


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