Creative Problem Solving Activities For Adults

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You’ll need: a whiteboard, sticky notes, markers Time: 30–45 minutes Group size: 8–20Instructions: Jot down between 5–10 work-related words on sticky notes like “First day at work”, “Teamwork”, “Side projects”, or “Celebrations”.

Place the sticky notes on one side of the whiteboard so they’re visible to the whole team.

This brings a sense of familiarity among them and smoothens out future conversations.

They might look like icebreakers at a first glance, but don’t be fooled.

It contains 20 games divided into five categories, depending on the goal you want to achieve: Often times we work like cars: we need to be warmed up to properly function.

If this is your goal, then use icebreakers to loosen up the atmosphere, set the stage for more complex activities, or introduce new hires to the team.If you still feel clumsy about team building activities, don’t worry.We’ve compiled a list of them for you to serve as a go-to resource whenever you feel like it’s time to strengthen your team.Next, gather your colleagues in a circle and ask a volunteer to peel off a word to share an experience about it.Once done, they can post it on the other side of the whiteboard to mark the beginning of a story thread.The others can think of similar stories and come up with their own words.They can stick them on the whiteboard to continue the story thread, or pick a word that already exists if nothing pops up in their minds.It’s also perhaps an opportunity to change your old one or make everyone aware of the values that your company embodies.You’ll need: index cards Time: 45–60 minutes Group size: Unlimited Instructions: Much like the “Concentration” game from childhood, where you flipped over two cards at the same time to find the matching pairs, this activity demands agility and observation spirit.The goal is to create a set of interconnected stories that act as the campfire’s archive.You’ll need: 20–25 index cards Time: 30 minutes Group size: Unlimited Instructions: Who knows most about your office? Think of 20–25 questions about the small details of your workplace that can go easily unnoticed. This will test your team’s observation skills and spark off serious laughing sessions.


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