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The characteristics of convergent thinking comprise the following: Convergent thinking sees fixed sides; something is either black or white.

The characteristics of convergent thinking comprise the following: Convergent thinking sees fixed sides; something is either black or white.However, divergent thinking views concepts less rigidly; it considers the gray areas and less certain perspectives of the solutions.

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For us to do well in various tasks, we often need to use these opposite mental processes in conjunction.

When faced with a problem, we need to explore differing options (divergence).

It refers to figuring out a certain established solution to a problem.

This is often employed in structured assessments such as multiple-choice items, identification, and arithmetic problems.

Some of the major subjects which she is handling are Theories of Personality, Experimental Psychology, Historical Foundations of Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology.

She co-authored a manual in General Psychology and a textbook, “Understanding the Self”.

As one of the leading authorities in creativity, he proposed that problems should be solved through indirect and creative strategies.

This mindset is best utilized in inventive tasks such as free writing, creative artwork, mind mapping, and brainstorming.

Journal of Research in Personality 42.4 (2008): 1095-1101. The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker: How to Make Connections Others Don’t.

The concept of divergent and convergent thinking was created by J. Guilford to term different types of psychological operations while problem solving.


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