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These first four content areas cover the time period from 30,000 BCE to 1980, or from the earliest works of art created by humans to relatively contemporary art. These four content areas include works common to the development of western art.The next five content areas are specific to various regions, ranging from the Indigenous Americas through the Pacific.

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AP Art History is the equivalent of a two-semester college-level art history survey course, covering art from the Paleolithic era through today.

According to the College Board, Advanced Placement Art History explores the nature, uses and meaning of art, its creation and audience responses.

Enduring Understanding statements provide a short overview of the content area, while Essential Knowledge provides a brief introduction to key components or factors that influence the content area.

Think of Enduring Understanding and Essential Knowledge as the most basic things you should know about each of the content areas; while you should know a lot more than that, these provide you with the foundations of understanding for each area.

• Global Prehistory from 30,000 to 500 BCE (11 works, 4%) • Ancient Mediterranean from 3,500 BCE to 300 CE (36 works, 15%) • Early Europe and Colonial America from 200 CE to 1750 CE (51 works, 20%) • Later Europe and the Americas from 1750 to 1980 CE (54 works, 22%) • Indigenous Americas from 1000 BCE to 1980 CE (14 works, 6%) • Africa from 1100 to 1980 CE (14 works, 6%) • West and Central Asia from 500 BCE to 1980 CE (11 works, 4%) • South, East and Southeast Asia from 300 BCE to 1980 CE (21 works, 8%) • The Pacific from 700 to 1980 CE (11 works, 4%) • Global Contemporary from 1980 to present (27 works, 11%) What can you notice about the content areas? In these four content areas, you’ll see an evolution of art that you may recognize.

In these content areas, you can see interactions between various cultures, as they traded with one another, and learned from one another.

The course encourages students to understand art from a global perspective, with insights into its history and evolution. A visual analysis asks you to look carefully at a work of art and report what you see about the work of art.

There are three distinct ways to analyze art, all of which are used in the course, and tested on the AP Art History exam–and you should know them for your AP art history study plan. The visual analysis looks only at what is present in the work, not at what led up to the work of art.

Each content area has a set number of works in the Image Set and typically, represents a rough percentage of the test questions.

Knowing these content areas is essential for your art history study plan.


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