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A thesis statement serves as a foundation of the entire paper and informs readers what you want to achieve with it and what you will either prove or disprove.You need to base your paper around it, so it must be well-considered and contain all the necessary parts. Basically, if assignment prompts ask you to argue, analyze, compare and contrast, interpret or establish a cause, you need to base your paper around a well-defined thesis statement.

A good one is important for their comprehension of the main goal of your writing.

The blueprint of reasons is a plan and it lets you see the right shape of all ideas before discussing them in separate paragraphs.

Discuss only one concept in your paper and elaborate it or your writing won’t have any clear focus.

Many small statements will only confuse readers and weaken their overall impression.

Analysis generally refers directly to the evidence (“Describing his actions with such words as ‘growled’ and ‘stalked’ suggests an underlying animal savagery”), while builds upon analysis to support larger claims (“This imagery seems to contradict the narrator’s stated assessment that Paul is a ‘gentle soul’”).

Other moves that indicate reflection are consideration of a counter-argument, definitions or refinements of terms and assumptions, and qualifications of previous claims.

Arguability distinguishes a good thesis from a fact (clearly demonstrable in the text) or an observation (an interpretation so obvious that no intelligent reader would challenge it).

Although writers often wish to delay announcement of the thesis, good academic writing generally states the thesis explicitly on the first page, then returns to a more nuanced and complex form of it later in the text. Problem or Question: the intellectual context in which your thesis matters.

Although you can write down all thoughts before getting a clear sense of this blueprint, readers shouldn’t encounter details without being informed what points they support.

Your thesis also needs to include a few additional elements: The assertiveness of your statement means telling readers what you want to prove in your paper.


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