Compare And Contrast Essay On Men And Women Communication

In fact men really avoid talking face to face or eye contact.Males also do not indulge in physical contact besides a handshake or a pat in the back because in most cases they associate physical contact with sexual desires.

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On the hand girls develop close knit friendships of about two or three or more but not as many as boys do.

Hence, for females their relationships are much closer than for males because they talk more about themselves including their weaknesses.

This is because they also want to prove themselves right.

Men are also said to be more talkative when in public than in private.

In such groups there sometimes happens to be a 'group leader' though not out rightly said.

Such a 'leader' in most cases happens to be the one who is a prowess in some kinds of games they play or in whatever activities they partake in or he may be the brightest in class.Women are said to multi-task, this stems out of the fact that women deal with tasks using both hemispheres of the brain.On the other hand men are said to be poor when it comes to multi-tasking and this is because the male brain solves tasks using only one hemisphere.According to some researchers, most of these differences are attributed to socialization and the different cultures that people grow up in.these others may call gender roles, that is, what the community expects of them.Other organs occur the same for both genders for example liver, lungs, heart, stomach, brain etc.The differences come in when it comes to the physiology of some of these organs for example the brain.The opposite is true for women; they are more talkative in private than when in public.Females are said to be more vulnerable when it comes to their emotions.Males are very competitive in nature even in their relationships so they consider it even a weakness to express their emotions.This is the reason why most males do not develop close relationships with males.


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