Commercial Aquaponics Business Plan

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Having said that, a smaller system like the 600 square foot system just referred to is a great way to get started in commercial aquaponics.

With a small, relatively inexpensive system this size, you can do your due diligence and gain experience and confidence while making some money, and without taking too big a risk.

living with 600 square feet of aquaponics or a 20-foot by 40-foot greenhouse is pulling your leg.

Anyone who tells you they can teach you “Commercial Aquaponics” (and what they’re using for the course is a 400-square foot system) is also pulling your leg, just more obviously.

You too can fail just like this, if you don’t do careful enough research, try out your ideas at a small scale first to make sure they’re profitable, or rely on consultants and advisors who really don’t know what they’re talking about. Or, they could simply Instead, they were in a hurry to make the big bucks that the salesmen, consultants, and dreamers promised them, and they used technology that had not been proven to be profitable. They looked great in the greenhouse, but they simply could not perform in the Real World .

Two of these hopefuls lost everything: their savings, their houses, and were forced into bankruptcy; a third is still in litigation initiated by the investors. If you want to be successful in aquaponics, don’t be a sucker for a good-looking - and expensive! Below: Our successful student, Zac Hosler's Living Aquaponics Farm. - just growing a LOT of food itwelve 75' troughs- and making a PROFIT!

Plants get their nutrients from fish water and this water is again recycled by plants and used in the fish tanks.

Vegetables like as lettuce, tomatoes and spinach can be grown in this manner. Once, you have the sufficient details; it’s time to consult a qualified accountant who can help you to prepare a complete business plan showing expenses and profit from your Aquaponics farm.

Because you’re careful and intelligent, we would be surprised if you did not check all the following resources to verify what we just said!

Here are our profitable students who are using our designs and operating technology: and details the failures of several commercial aquaponic startups who lost from 0,000 to ,000,000. All of these failures could have tested out their “great ideas” thoroughly for less than ,000 and realized they lost money in the real world. The critical thing to understand here is the phrase “technology that had not been proven to be profitable”; because all these technologies grew fish and vegetables, they simply could not turn a profit doing so.


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