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For those catching up, or those overwhelmed by the volume of news, here’s an overview of The New York Times’s coverage. So he does that for several years, then seems to somehow take a break and works in a call center, but then somehow gets back into this and starts making connections for people to get their kids into schools that they want to get to.This is “The Daily.” Today: When a federal prosecutor revealed a million scheme to purchase college admissions for the children of celebrities and executives, he declared, “There can be no separate college admissions system for the wealthy.” But there is. We’re here today to announce charges in the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice. Getting into the right college will set the trajectory for the rest of your son or daughter’s life. Let a Key coach come alongside you and your family to truly unlock your student’s potential. He agrees to go back to the clients that he’s worked with for years and tape, in excruciating detail, what he’s done. Some of these are associates — people he’s paying off in one way or another.

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They discovered a man named Rudolph Meredith, a soccer coach at Yale. So he’s paying off these coaches in all these different colleges.

And they thought that he might be taking money in order to falsely recruit students to the team so they could get into the university. So he had a very elaborate scheme in lots of cases.

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The world of college admissions for the extremely wealthy is really complicated. So then there’s this third door, what Singer referred to as a side door, which is essentially just bribing. It’s clear that it is completely illegal to simply bribe somebody to get your kid into the college of your choice.

Cutting out the middleman or cutting out the pretense of anything other than paying people off and bribery. But if you’re one of these parents, where you’re operating in a world where you know many people are paying tens of thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars to universities in an often successful attempt to get your kid into the college, then maybe this doesn’t seem so strange. And certainly you can tell from the recordings that were transcribed by the prosecutors that the parents knew they were breaking the law.

In some cases, the kids didn’t even know that they were expected to play on this team. He talked about how he arranged for students to take their SAT or ACT exams at special sites where he had bribed the proctors on those tests to basically correct the student’s answers. If your parent went to this college you’re trying to get to, you’ll probably get some extra points. There are so many legal ways that the ultra-wealthy have been gaming the system for a long time to get their kids into school. They help people build buildings and work on development projects.

They created a profile saying that this kid ran track, and he gets to campus and is speaking to a college counselor, and the counselor says, oh, so I see you run track. He talked about how he encouraged the parents to get their children tested for disabilities so that they could have more time to complete the exam. There’s your extracurricular activities, your achievement. If you play a sport, you might get some extra points so you can be on their team. And this is also the world where you have incredibly high-end tutoring.

Almost every case that we know about, this person never played on the team.

They would drop out as soon as they arrived on campus.


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