Chocolate War Analysis Essay

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The novel was adapted into a feature film in 1988, directed by Keith Gordon.

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In the novel, Jerry Renault is thrown into Trinity High School with the question, Do I dare disturb the universe?

It seems as though everyone is trying to influence him as he prepares to start a new life at a new high school, shortly after the death of his mother.

Some may consider the language offensive, however, it was a very realistic high school setting.

Although there were many different characters, they were all very well developed and presented in a believable way.

A more developed group of characters would have been a plus.

Brother Leon, Archie and of course Jerry(protagonist) represent different dimensions of the human condition.The author is always direct while creating a concrete depiction of the world surrounding the protagonist.The protagonist develops a sense of purpose and a necessity to impact the world he lives in, in exchange, he is ostracized.This very dark depiction of the abuse of authority could easily be a metaphor for any corrupt political society in the world.Due to its content the book is frequently banned and appears third on the American Library Association’s list of Top 100 Banned / Challenged Books in 2000 – 2009.The grasp of the schools secret society, the Vigils, will have a greater impact on his life than he would ever imagine.The book was very easy to relate to due to the situations that were brought up such as peer pressure, bullying, and longing for power.One day Jerry is approached by Archie Costello, who is the Assigner for the Vigils, a secret underground student society.Each student when joining the Vigils is assigned a task (think hazing and peer pressure).Jerry is the idealist, Archie is the egocentric coward and Leon the manipulative abusive.They represent the best and the worst and therefore are interesting and capture the readers attention.


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