Cell Phones Banned While Driving Essay

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In 2009 in the US, there was a reported 5,474 people killed by distracted drivers.

In 2009 in the US, there was a reported 5,474 people killed by distracted drivers.Of those 995 were considered to be killed by drivers distracted by cell phones.

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They also found that increased cell phone use correlated with an increase in RR.

When the same data were reanalyzed using a Bayesian approach, the calculated RR of 0.78 for those making less than 1 call/day and 2.27 for those with more than 7 calls/day was similar to cohort analysis.

The study found that the overall relative risk (RR) of having an crash for cell phone users when compared to non-cell phone users averaged 1.38 across all groups.

When adjusted for distance driven per year and other crash risk exposures, RR was 1.11 for men and 1.21 for women.

Mobile phone use while driving is common but it is widely considered dangerous due to its potential for causing distracted driving and crashes.

Due to the number of crashes that are related to conducting calls on a phone and texting while driving, some jurisdictions have made the use of calling on a phone while driving illegal.

When drivers talk on cell phones the risk of an automobile crash resulting in hospitalization is four times higher than when not talking on a cell phone The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), the provincial automobile insurance association in Quebec, conducted a study on driving and cellphones in 2003.

Questionnaires were sent to 175,000 drivers and analysis was done on the 36,078 who responded.

Using a cell phone while driving increases the driver's risk of causing a crash.

Drivers are distracted, decreasing the driver's awareness on the road, leading to more car crashes.


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