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(CAT) is a Fortune 100 corporation that designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, and sells machinery, engines, financial products, and insurance via 172 dealers worldwide.

Specifically, some people believe a learning experience must be completely digital; however, CAT will never be able to completely abandon instructor-led training (ILT).Analytics can help the L&D team achieve long-term learning program goals.Data analysis can dictate what apps to use, what type of interface to design, and what videos to produce.And, by implementing x API, CAT can gather and track learning analytics, allowing this strategy shift while also changing how the team designs and delivers e-learning and content packages.For example, rather than delivering single instances of content that takes 45 minutes to complete, Mike and his team are now creating more impactful content that can be used more than once (see CAT & x API section).CAT wants to be able to build content in tools that allows them to prescribe relevant content as employees are working on certain jobs.Previously, CAT put its content on an LMS and knew if the corresponding exams were passed and how users scored.analysis was not an integral part of L&D, but today it’s used to create a better learner experience.Because there’s a vast array of training that covers various topics for specific teams, CAT uses a blended approach that utilizes both ILT and digital content.Although ILT is becoming less common (it only makes up a third of CAT’s global dealer learning initiatives), it’s still important because it focuses on critical areas of employees’ job duties (see Image 1).Mike and his team are also establishing standard learning metrics to coincide with operational KPIs.They’re dissecting analytics from content and tying it back to KPIs so they can determine how improvements to learning and training are impacting the organization.


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