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Live webinars offer an interactive experience with Webster U. The capstone research project is the centerpiece of the Master of Science program.In the field of technology for example, one of the challenges is how rapidly it changes.

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It is most common for graduate programs to require a capstone project course that lasts for one semester.

See the "Selecting and focusing your research topic" tab at left for suggestions on choosing a topic, narrowing your focus, and developing a thesis statement or research question. The "Literature Review" tab will link you to helpful resources for planning a search and organizing your results.

Ultimately, a capstone project represents new work and ideas, and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills you have gained during your college career.

Not only does a capstone course allow us to substantiate if students are learning the necessary skills needed to continue onto success after graduation (and we’ve made changes to courses and degree requirements to better assist students in this manner), but the completion of a capstone project can be used for an employment portfolio.

For some degree programs, a capstone course may require a project and subsequent presentation; for others, it may include an assessment exam to test interdisciplinary skills (like math, writing, critical thinking, etc.).

A capstone may also involve a final research paper exploring a topic of interest, emerging from a student’s individualized program of study.Check the "Conducting research" tab for resources on creating surveys, finding tests, designing studies, etc. The "Writing & Citing" tab brings together resources for writing the paper, citing your sources, and avoiding plagiarism.The "Presentation skills" tab will help you create effective visual aids and deliver a professional presentation.Most graduate school programs require students to write a thesis or complete a Capstone Project.Capstone projects vary from program to program and often are a requirement to provide students the opportunity to use what they have learned and apply it to a specific area of professional practice.Most master’s degree programs in public administration, social services, public administration, mass communications and liberal arts require graduate students to complete a capstone project.This can vary from program to program and usually will be listed in general requirements to complete their masters’ degree.By integrating theory and practical experience, your project can set you apart from graduates of other institutions.Imagine walking into a potential employer’s office with an applied research project exploring solutions to an issue or problem the organization, or industry as a whole, has been grappling with?Click on a country to view project descriptions below the map.This final course may seem daunting or frustrating, but once it’s completed, the Capstone often becomes one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences in a student’s college career.


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