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The IRS has a strict process for setting up a 401(k).The effective date of a plan can be anytime, but employers must adopt the plan during the same tax year for which the plan is effective.The remaining ,000 is through employer profit-sharing contributions.

The IRS has a strict process for setting up a 401(k).

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Of all small business retirement plans, Traditional 401(k)s offer employers the most flexibility for matching.

Employers can structure any matching formula they want (including profit-sharing) – or not match at all.

The costs of a Safe Harbor 401(k) are similar to a Traditional 401(k).

Both require plan administration, bookkeeping, and annual Form 5500 filings.

Safe Harbor 401(k)s have the same contribution limits as 401(k)s but make maximizing contributions easier because Safe Harbor 401(k)s are exempt from annual compliance testing that sometimes causes plan assets to be returned to high-earning employers, increasing their tax bill and reducing the amount they’re putting away for retirement.

To qualify for Safe Harbor, employers must match at least 4%.Each type differs widely, ranging from ,000 – ,000 in annual contributions, with some requiring employer contributions or match.When you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner with a dozen full-time employees, one of the 6 retirement plans will be right for you.According to Human Interest, businesses with 10 employees will pay about ,000 annually for administration.Mutual funds within the plan will also have expense ratios between 0.15%-1% and equity trades also have fees, both of which are paid by employees and deducted automatically by the funds.For 2019, employees can have up to a total of ,000 in a 401(k) plan.Of this total, ,000 is from salary deferrals, with another ,000 from employer matching.Once you pick a plan, choose a reputable provider to help with implementation and administration.One of the best providers for retirement plans for small is Human Interest.However, remember that 401(k)s have the highest administrative costs overall, and the IRS requires annual testing to ensure your plan is fair to employees.The per-participant cost of a Traditional 401(k) is usually higher for small businesses than larger, established companies.


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