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I like the layout of the system and I’m apparently not the only one.Strat Pad claims over 100,000 businesses are currently using its service.It helps you focus in on the things that you do best and it gives you metrics to determine what your success looks like.

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The company provides workshops, videos, and educational blogs for entrepreneurs.

It makes the bulk of its revenue not through subscriptions, but through the introductions it provides via Strat Pad Connect.

That being said, it is 100 percent focused on tech startups looking for cash from investors. I mean, sure, you’ll need some software to make any business plan, but we’re talking about Microsoft Office style programs.

If you roll into the bank with this thing, it better be because you’re the founder of Plan Cruncher and you brought it along to demonstrate what the service does. These resources are excellent alternatives to software.

Strat Pad is a cloud-based business plan software solution.

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There are a few different versions, depending on how many business plans you want to make, but for one plan, you can get a free account.Instead, it takes the information you give it and generates a sort of elevator pitch/cover letter for your business plan. The final product is covered in these little logos that Plan Cruncher has come up with, so you get a nice visual view of the business. You’ll be entering details in 140 character boxes and chopping your offering down into small consumable chunks.When you’ve input all the details, you’ll end up with a one-page overview of the business, including what you’re going to do, who’s involved in the project, where you are in the funding process, and what you’re looking for next. This is a great way to determine what the core parts of your business really are. It’s free and you end up with a nice PDF when it’s all said and done.By building your own plan, you’ll be forced to learn how the whole thing works, what investors are looking for, and what all the terms means.You’ll be forecasting and analyzing before you know it.Enloop also makes it easy to collaborate on plans, and the free version of the service gives you one additional user.You’ll be able to forecast up to 36 months out for financials, and all of it can be dropped into a PDF. Plan Cruncher isn’t really a business plan software.It updates as you update the document, so you can see what metrics are having the biggest – in Enloop’s mind – impact on your business’s viability.Sharing the actual score is only available to paid users.Once it’s been scored, bankers or investors can look to see how well you did.The score encompasses some basics like cash flow and growth.


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