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This software provides lots of industry info and sample plans to help give you a feel for what a good business plan should look like.

This software pack is good for composing your business plan, as well as for addressing other business issues down the road. The software was created with Tim Berry, an expert business planner and best-selling author.

You may have read some of his blogs on sites like Tim,, and Amex Open Forum.

Price: $179.53 (10 percent off) Want a business planning tool that lets you cross-check your plan against your actual progress in the real world?

Live Plan is a subscription-based web service that is cloud-based, making it ideal for businesses where the partners aren’t always working out of the same office.

Nearly all of the business plan software provides give you templates to customize.

However, Live Plan is unique because you get 500 that've been tried and tested by real startups and entrepreneurs like you. Without a business plan, it’s going to be hard for you to get financing or investors to back your dream.But writing a business plan from scratch can be difficult, particularly for those who have never started a business before.Two books that can help you develop your first business plan . For many people, these options are preferable to the software options on the market today.Truth is, not all business plan software tools out there are Mac-friendly, it just so happens that our absolute favorite here at Startup Savant is 100% compatible with Mac, i Phone, or pretty much any other device - Live Plan!If you want a business plan to be a living document, and not something you create once and then never reference again, this may be a service that appeals to you.One big plus here is the interface, which seems more fresh and modern than other options on this list.However, the right software can help you develop a business plan.Here are some superior software options for Mac and PC that will make it simple to create a business plan.In addition, the interview-style format used to complete documents takes the headaches out of starting a new business.These forms can help you hire independent contractors, prepare minutes for a corporation or LLC, or rent a commercial space. However, it will still be perfectly serviceable for many people who need to create a business plan for their new small business.


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