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She estimates she's saving about ,000 a year by working out of her home.

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No one thinks about the fact I do this without a 'real' office."Mapp said she would never give up running her business from home."The freedom of working for myself and the ability to be more involved with my children is so amazing," she said., Smashing Golf & Tennis Kelly Daugherty, whose company sells golf and tennis apparel for women, says she would not have started a business of her own if she couldn't run it from home. But being able to make your child's Halloween party and still get all your conference calls in, really helps your quality of life," she said.

"I can have a conference call in the morning and rush out for preschool pickup by lunch. Daugherty, who has been working on the product line since 2009, officially launched the company in March of this year.

"With the flexibility of my schedule it has been very nice for dropping off and picking up from sporting events that always happen during a work day." Albert admits that one of the drawbacks of running a business from home is that you never really get away from work, but she thinks the pros outweigh the cons.

She says working from home gives her the best of everything and lets her devote time to both her family and her business."People work more than 40 hours a week anyway so you might as well do it in your home," she said., A Plus Home Tutors Inc.

Here are five entrepreneurs who've made a successful go of working from home and found a measure of work-life balance in the process., Kelly Marie Collections Kelly Albert estimates she saves thousands of dollars a year in rent and utilities by running her company, which makes wedding card boxes, out of her home.

It also gives her the flexibility to achieve a level of work-life balance she wouldn't be able to have if she ran the company from somewhere else."With four kids very active in school and athletics it was very convenient to be in the office, head down stairs to throw a load of wash in," Albert said.He uses that money to develop a better product."Cost savings were a major benefit, so we could invest more into product design, testing and manufacturing," he said.Parrott said technology has made it possible for him to operate a professional organization without having to have a professional location."Many of my processes are automated and the bulk of our sales are online so I can certainly monitor the business and stay on top of things when I'm away from the office," he said.We’re upgrading Show My Homework and our classroom management apps into an all encompassing learning platform, Satchel One.Available from September, expect the same apps you use and love, better integrated and easier to assemble in a package that suits your school’s needs, all from your current login.All I needed was a cellphone, a computer, an Internet connection and a car." Cheek said the hardest part of running his business from home is disciplining himself to keep from working all the time."It wasn't as hard to discipline myself to work and be efficient, it was harder for me to know when to stop," he said."It all comes down to figuring out what your personal balance should be.Business administration is a field which covers all aspects involved in managing the day-to-day operations and decision making for a company or non-profit organization so it either remains stable or continues to grow.This process consists of a number of strategies, such as office support, finance operations, personnel and MIS services, and management."Add utilities, computers, Internet, cleaning, furnishings, etc." To give her business a professional presence, the company has a post office box. "The financial benefits are too important in this economy," she said."Your overhead needs to be as low as possible to compete.


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