Brainstorming Problem Solving

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A variety of studies have shown that when people brainstorm together, they spontaneously exchange ideas that tend to grow and converge.

It is important to emphasize that during the stage of proposing and generating ideas people shouldn’t criticize and discourage proposals that are based on thinking that is different from their perspective.

From that point, the term brainstorming officially emerged and was also presented in the working environment in BBDO.

These became the fundamental rules of group brainstorm activities that took place in working environments.

He found out that during the company’s meetings and discussions, all employees were not proposing creative ideas, methods or solutions, which resulted in poor meetings’ closings.

Business meetings are supposed to be an opportunity to set goals and objectives, present and define problems, propose and discuss ideas, and in the end, work toward realizing them.

Osborn observed that people were motivated and much more creative ideas sparkled in the discussions.

Employees shared their ideas regardless of what the others were thinking about them.

Brainstorm (n.) also brain-storm, ‘brilliant idea, mental excitement, fit of mental application,’ 1849, from brain (n.) figurative use of storm (n.).

Verbal meaning ‘make a concerted attack on a problem, involving spontaneous ideas,’ is by 1947.


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