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No arena rock performance had ever featured a pair of midgets dancing around an 18-inch replica of Stonehenge.#ad#Over the course of the movie, most viewers figured out that “Spinal Tap” was not a real band.

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A would-be robber could far more easily buy a handgun for a few hundred dollars on the black market, with no identification required.

The genius of is that the movie does not explicitly make these obvious points about the safety of the North County Bank’s program.

(The depositor thereby receives the full value of the interest immediately, rather than over a term of years.) Moore goes through the process of buying the CD and answering questions for the federal Form 4473 registration sheet.

Although a bank employee makes a brief reference to a “background check,” the audience never sees the process whereby the bank requires Moore to produce photo identification, then contacts the FBI for a criminal records check on Moore, before he is allowed to take possession of the rifle.

James Nichols, the brother of a convicted mass murderer, is offered as a spokesman for the right of free people to resist tyrannical government.

ON TO LITTLETON, LOCKHEED, AND 9/11 then departs Michigan and heads for Littleton, Colo., to develop the thesis that American militarism created the mass-murder atmosphere that resulted in Columbine.

One of the killers’ gun suppliers was the son of a Colorado anti-gun activist.

Thus, Moore might just as well have asked a spokesman for a gun-prohibition group if “our kids say to themselves, ‘Well, gee, mom and day say that guns are just for killing innocent people.

To take possession of the gun, the depositor must give the bank thousands of dollars (an unlikely way to start a robbery).

He must then produce photo identification (thus making it all but certain that the robber would be identified and caught), spend at least a half hour at the bank (thereby allowing many people to see and identify him), and undergo an FBI background check (which would reveal criminal convictions disqualifying most of the people inclined to bank robbery).


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