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There are also certain preferences that your professor may have.

There are also certain preferences that your professor may have.

The following two examples demonstrate how topic sentences can be formatted within the context of essays that deal with aspects of the music and film industries.

Any essay that you write will draw upon numerous strands of information.

But, below is a sample color coded body paragraph with how a functional body paragraph should look like.

The 1916 National Park Service Act “gave the National Park Service (NPS) a ‘dual mandate’ to ‘conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such a manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.

You should have taken this into account when you first made your essay outline in step 4.

These paragraphs should follow this general format: If you follow this format, you are sure to have a rock solid paragraph that is logical and doesn't confuse the reader.Even with facts or data that might seem perfectly relevant to anyone with a basic knowledge of a given topic, it’s best to avoid dropping into the thick of an example without a proper lead-in.In some cases, a subordinate clause will do; in others, you might need a full sentence to introduce the supporting info of a body paragraph.From a reader’s standpoint, the contents of these paragraphs are meant to provide clarity on the ideas being discussed, such that he or she would feel confident enough to draw an informed conclusion on the matters at hand.Essentially, body paragraphs serve as the limbs, hands and feet for the title and thesis at the head of an essay.While a topic sentence should be general enough to convey a paragraph’s overall concern, it should also be specific enough for the reader’s understanding.Barring the placement of an opening sentence that transitions from the topic of a prior section, the topic sentence should appear at the start of its own paragraph.It is with these paragraphs that you’ll explore the various ideas that relate to your thesis, as outlined at the start of your paper.In high schools, colleges and postgraduate institutions, professors will typically demand that you provide an in depth set of examples, facts, quotes and citations to prove the controlling idea behind your thesis.Body paragraphs will make up the biggest portion of your essay.They go into the actual facts and data that you have found in your research and explain how it all proves your thesis statement to be true.


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