Black History Month Essay 2013

I once heard Myrlie Evers, the wife of slain Civil Rights leader Medgar Evers, speak at the Governor’s Prayer Luncheon.

It’s common to see James Meredith, the first African American student at Ole Miss, in local churches or at community events.

God’s common and special grace even work themselves out in the providential movement of a particular race’s culture and history.

We can look back on the brightest and darkest moments of our past and see God at work.

Black History Month spurs us to seek out and lift up the best in African American accomplishments.4.

Celebrating Creates Awareness for All People I recall my 8th-grade history textbook where little more than a page was devoted to the Civil Rights Movement.Some argue it is unfair to devote an entire month to a single people group.Others contend that we should celebrate Black history throughout the entire year.We hear about the poverty rates, incarceration rates, and high school drop out rates.We are inundated with images of unruly athletes and raunchy reality TV stars as paradigms of success for Black people.I remember my shock as a Christian to learn about the formation of the African Methodist Episcopal (A. E.) Church, because in all my years in churches and Christian schools, no one had ever mentioned it.Unfortunately, it seems that apart from an intentional effort otherwise, Black history is often lost in the mists of time.As a believer, I see racial and ethnic diversity as an expression of God’s manifold beauty.No single race or its culture can comprehensively display the infinite glory of God’s image, so he gave us our differences to help us appreciate his splendor from various perspectives.It pained me to have to explain the significance of the Harlem Renaissance and the Tuskegee Airmen to children who had never learned of such events, and the men and women who took part in them.To what would surely be the lament of many historic African American leaders, my students and so many others (including me) take for granted the rights that many people before them sweated, bled, and died to secure.


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