Bharathiar Tamil Essay

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goddess of learning was added to the name of Subramanya when he was just eleven.

Some noted poets who had gathered at the court of the rajah of Ettayapuram awarded the title to the boy who was destined to be the guiding star for millions of people of Tamil Nadu and other parts of the South to fight against the British regime.

Second, that ‘upper’ India is, today, using distortion and co-option to iconise, selectively, those Indian heroes (very few heroines among them) who serve a neo-nationalist agenda. Ironically Tamil Nadu, which was a pioneer in this regard, has in the last two decades reduced this to a farce by nationalising all and sundry.” Amrith Lal, writing ‘A Song Called Bharathi’ in a Sunday supplement (‘Eye’) of a newspaper in western India, recently, says, “Very few writers would be so confident of the worth of one’s creations, their public purpose.

And Bharathi being a south Indian, Tamil to the boot, and totally non-sectarian is not among them.”Here is an attempt to bring to the fore, some of the issues in the context of Bharati literature. Bharathi, chased down by colonial administration and chastened by poverty, knew his worth, but there were few takers for the poet’s grand plan, which was estimated to cost Rs.

Two books on the poet have surfaced recently and a booklet by renowned Bharathi scholar Seeni Visvanathan has been in circulation among his admirers. 20,000 for production and Rs.10,000 for advertising expenses.

A year later, in the wee hours of September 12, 1921 Bharathi passed away at his home in Triplicane, Chennai, at the age of 39.” This essay is not an answer to that question, as he has dealt with the subject in detail.In the second of the series of monthly lectures on books and literature in , published on May 26, he has elegantly (or vehemently?During this time Bharati’s nationalistic poems and essays were popular successes.Recently, scholar and administrator Gopalkrishna Gandhi raised a question in the course of a speech: “Why does Subramania Bharati mean so little to non-Tamils?His four years stay brought a great change in his personality.He was a turbaned man with moustache when he came back to Tamil Nadu— a scholar in Hindi, Sanskrit and English. But his friends could not see his talents disappear.He would just not worship the beauty of nature but would many a time throw the last stock of grain to the enchanting birds—the grain that would have been served to him in the evening.He would satisfy his hunger for the beauty of nature at the cost of his fascination and his devotion to the Motherland.There he translated English into Tamil for several magazines and later joined the Tamil daily newspaper .This exposure to political affairs led to his involvement in the extremist wing of the Indian National Congress party, and, as a result, he was forced to flee to Pondicherry (now Puducherry), a French colony, where he lived in exile from 1910 to 1919.


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