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For example, characterizing allergenic food sources and the main culprit allergens would likely lead to more accurate restriction-provocation trials, Ig E serological and cell-mediated diagnostic assays.Furthermore, one could then also envision the possible development of oral allergen immunotherapy and the design of hypoallergenic pet foods for the long-term management of food allergic dogs and cats. Claims 14 appearing on food labels represent one aspect of this environment.

Recent proteomic studies markedly expanded the list of possible Ig E-targeted corn allergenic proteins for humans [5,6,7].

An important observation of the most recent studies was that corn allergens appear to vary between plant cultivars as well as between allergic human individuals [6, 7].

Immunoblotting confirmed the existence of numerous major corn allergens in the corn kernel extract, fewer in that of the corn flour, while such allergens were not detectable using this technique in the two cornstarch extracts.

In this study, ELISA and immunoblotting results suggest that Ig E from corn-sensitized dogs are less likely to recognize allergens in cornstarch than in kernel and flour extracts.

As corn is not a common allergen source in dogs and cats, and as its starch seems to be less allergenic than its flour, pet foods containing cornstarch as a carbohydrate source are preferable for dogs and cats suspected of suffering from corn allergy.

Cutaneous adverse food reactions (CAFR) represent one of the most common diagnoses given to dogs and cats with pruritus or allergic skin diseases [1].A recent critically appraised topic concluded that the most common allergenic food sources in dogs and cats are derived from mammalian, poultry, and fish meats, while grains are uncommon culprits [4].Among the latter, corn was found to be an offending allergen in less than 5% of dogs and cats with food allergies [4].Corn appears to be an uncommon food source of allergens in dogs and cats.There is limited information on the nature of the corn allergens in dogs and cats and their presence in the various foodstuffs used in commercial pet foods.Brian Roe is the Van Buren Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics at Ohio State University. in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland. Third, given increasing rural internet availability and decreasing numbers of auctions and dealers, more information about the experiences of those using internet-based venues is important to determine the potential desirability of internet markets for used FME. More than 2,500 (48%) responded and gave us information about recent used FME transactions, ratings of different ways to buy and sell used FME and attitudes and opinions regarding local FME dealers and used FME auction venues.Roe attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he received a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and was named as part of the 1990 Truman Scholar class. Prior to his employment at Ohio State, Roe worked on policy issues surrounding food safety and health information disclosure as a Staff Fellow at the US Food and Drug Administration in Washington, DC. To fill this informational void, we asked more than 5,200 U. Since arriving at Ohio State in 1998, Roe has worked broadly in the areas of agricultural and environmental economics focusing on issues including agricultural marketing, information policy, behavioral economics and product quality. He recently served as an editor for the , the flagship journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, and as the faculty leader of his department’s undergraduate program. “The Effects of Farmland, Farmland Preservation and Other Neighborhood Amenities on Proximate Housing Values: Results of a Conjoint Analysis of Housing Choice,” , 90(2):476-486. To echo the terminology used in human medicine [2], the term CAFR was first coined for animals with skin manifestations of food reactions that included both food allergies (that is, adverse health effects arising from a specific immune response occurring reproducibly on exposure to a given food) and food intolerances (e.g., reactions occurring following non-immune mechanisms).While we could not identify any well-documented case of non-immunologic food intolerance in dogs and cats in the veterinary literature, there are numerous studies suggesting an immunologic foundation to canine and feline CAFRs.


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