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As for the underwater training, the most classic mistakes are breaking your visor, “When you break a visor in the training pool there’s actually a big ceremony at our Monday morning meeting to present the broken visor to the person who busted it,” astronaut Scott Parazynski.

Once astronauts come back to Earth, their bodies are not used to the gravity and it may be a strain on their bones and muscles. When you are up on space and without the pressure of gravity pulling you down, your body may grow, but when you come back to Earth, that gravity will suck you right back down.

The primary conclusions/interpretations are that the Maya had intentions or had some knowledge of space travel.

To add a little personal touch of home, space station crew members will often get woken up by music that is selected from their families. It’s not a fear of car accidents, or parking tickets, or normal mundane things.

NASA even writes about it on their saying, “Usually picked by flight controllers or by crew members’ friends and family members, most wakeup calls are musical, but sometimes include dialog from movies or TV shows. It’s a fear of things like floating space debris, lack of gravity, or even shooting stars.

The researcher assumes that because of the features on this “vehicle” that the Maya intended to explore outside the area they lived in.

Nowhere did the article talk about other possibilities that this vehicle could be used for such as farming, moving heavy objects, or just flying in general.

Although, the Maya had a great interest in the universe (i.e.

the sun, stars, and moon) it doesn’t support the fact that they had intentions to explore space.

The Government of India conferred its highest gallantry award (during peace time), the Ashoka Chakra on him and the other two Soviet members of his mission.

Sharma and his backup, Wing Commander Ravish Malhotra, also prepared an elaborate series of zero-gravity Yoga exercises which the former had practised aboard the Salyut 7 2.


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