Australia Japan Relations Essay 2011

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Some argue this is causing continuing social and economic hardship for people whose traditional customs and lifestyle directly relate to the whaling culture.

Japan claims that small-scale exploitation of whales pose no threat to whale populations yet is critical to the survival of their society.

Japan along with many nations have a long history and tradition of whaling and it is part of their culture.

Anti-whaling countries such as Australia, the UK and the United States are accused of cultural ignorance in their ongoing opposition to commercial whaling.

Some argue that whaling is an ecologically sustainable industry, which uses a plentiful marine resource to support a growing human population. Australia realized it needed it needed trade relations as the only way to pay for what they imported was to export. This change in trade policies was another reason that good re...

Whaling nations say it causes minimal environmental damage when compared to the land based agricultural industries of westernised nations like the United States and Australia. We face the gloomy future of being a small nation surrounded by many millions of other people looking enviously at our large continent" ... The "White Australia" policy soon became an increasing embarrassment as relations between the world and Asia developed. Australian Industrial Relations is dominated by three representatives. Japanese Society and Culture The nature of Japanese society and their way of living is similar and different in some aspects as opposed to Australian society. Japanese teenagers today tend to have money at their disposal, similarly some Australian teenagers work part-time and earn their own money but also with the assistance of their parents. Japanese society are embedded with traditional values, a classic example, being bearing and raising an academically superior child. Men on the other hand, are more mentally aggressive, which can be similar in both societies. Australia's Relations with Japan and other Pro-Whaling Nations Introduction Commercial whaling is a very controversial issue. Commercial whaling is the focus of a debate between pro-whaling nations such as Japan and Norway and anti-whaling nations like Australia, United States and the UK. Japan along with many nations have a long history and tradition of whaling and it is part of their culture. Whaling nations say it causes minimal environmental damage when compared to the land based agricultural industries of westernised nations like the United States and Australia. With the Governments emphasis on the expansion of our manufacturing sector, Australia didn't want to tarnish any possible trade relations. Skilled migrants, through their language and familiarity with other countries, can help give a competitive advantage to businesses when establishing export trade, particularly with Asi... Put simply it is the international debt owed by a nation to the rest of the world. Over the last two centuries Australia has found it's relationship with Britain to be essential in keeping this nation alive, but throughout this time we have also realised that alliances and relations with other nations outside of Europe have proved just as important. There has also been much work on improving the tarnished relationship between Japan and Australia after the second world war, and a peaceful future looks promising as Australia leads the world in the amount of students studying the Japanese and Chinese language, for a nation that doesn't speak it natively. As at March 2002, Australia's net foreign debt was AUS 2 billion owed mainly to countries more developed than itself, for example the United States and Japan. Australian Industrial Relations is dominated by three representatives. However unions have declined in popularityt especially with growing reforms in industrial relations. Both sides present justifiable arguments both for and against commercial whaling. Countries such as Japan, Greenland, Iceland and Norway claim they are reliant on whaling for economic and cultural reasons.Whale meat provides a key source of protein in the diet and the sale of whale meat and products made from whales provides an economic foundation for these communities.With United States backing Australia, it was now safe to interact with Japan. many political and security benefits, the most important being the ANZUS treaty.Although ANZUS did not guarantee direct military support from United States, it still provided consultation in an event of attack on any of the three countries. Australia was involved in the Vietnam War between 19 ... The treaty was to attempt to outlaw and prevent communism in the Asia Pacific region. K (1989: 54) notes that security co-operation has been growing between Australia and Japan throughout the 1990’s.The cultural exchange often helped to recognise and accept the differences between Australia and Japan.The partnership between Australia and Japan instigated with the signing of ANZUS treaty in 1951.The ANZUS treaty was the turning point in the Austral-Japanese relationship.It assured Australia protection against Japan and provided security in the Asia-Pacific region.


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