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They were killing them in masses such as burning them alive in groups.

If the war had continued longer, it would have meant that there would be more people who would have ...?

Since the first sin committed by Adam, the segregation of the right thing from the......?

Atomic Bomb Your History and Political Science 11/08 Was it necessary to drop the atomic bomb to end World War II?

Why was the atomic bomb dropped, and if offered the chance to replay history, would it happen again?

Even if they knew then what they know now, I believe that the United States would again drop the bomb.

Within a period of 15 years (1894-1909), Japan took over the Pescadores Islands and Formosa, defeated the Russians, and annexed Korea [Smurthwaite p.12].

These actions forced the rest of the world to recognize Japan as one of the strong powers in the East.

The dropping of the atomic bomb was a momentous event in history.

The decision to drop the bomb has been scrutinized as to its necessity and morality, and the question has arisen: if the United States had to do it again, would they drop the atomic bomb?


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