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), born 21 September 1971, is the founder of Art of Problem Solving (Ao PS) Inc.

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Rusczyk holds the status of administrator on the Art of Problem Solving website, where his username is "rrusczyk." In 1994, Rusczyk and Sandor Lehoczky wrote the Art of Problem Solving books, designed to prepare students for mathematical competitions by teaching them concepts and problem solving methods rarely taught in school.

These books lent their name to the company he founded in 2003.

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Rusczyk studied chemical engineering at Princeton University and graduated in 1993.

He served on the board for ARML and managed the Western ARML site at one point.After working for four years as a bond trader for D. Shaw & Co., Rusczyk created the Art of Problem Solving website, which provides resources for middle and high school students to develop their mathematics and problem solving abilities.These include real-time competitions to solve math problems and on-line tools to learn how to solve problems with increasing difficulty as well as math forums.After working all summer, we are excited to announce that our new self-paced Prealgebra 2 course will be open for access on August 27!The post Self-Paced Prealgebra 2 opens this August appeared first on Ao PS News.The site also provides fee-based online mathematics classes, which range from Prealgebra to Group Theory and Calculus.Rusczyk founded and serves on the board of the nonprofit Art of Problem Solving Foundation, which manages the United States of America Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) and finances numerous local math initiatives around the United States.While technology, algorithms and services with automation may be beneficial, does this make society more disconnected, dependent and lazy?Furthermore, is this consumption of automation always the “” to what our actual challenges and needs are around the human experience, humanity and human connection to make the world a better place?Most importantly, our students become part of a community of motivated learners that helps elevate them to new heights.My younger son is a very active learner and had been completely turned off math by the 'memorize and repeat' work he did before coming to Ao PS Academy. Now he's Ever since our self-paced Prealgebra 1 course opened in June, we’ve received more than a few questions about when self-paced Prealgebra 2 would be available.


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