Argumentative Essays On Animal Testing

Scientists and doctors recognize that while animals are biologically very similar to human beings, they are not identical.Animal testing is a highly controversial topic that evokes a lot of feelings in people who write or talk about it, and that’s why it comprises a good topic of an argumentative essay.

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The following paper does not pursue a goal of persuading the public that animal testing is wrong or right.

It is neither pro animal testing essay, nor an essay against animal testing.

There is a moral blind spot in the treatment of animals that enable us to justify the cruelties for the perceived benefits of humans. They have lungs which breathe, hearts which beat, and blood that flows.

In fact, animals sense of smell, sight, and sound is much more acute than our own.

This raises issues such as the ethics and humaneness of deliberately poisoning animals, thus harming them, for the sake of marketing a new cosmetic or household product.

The Humane Society of the United States promotes research methods that can potentially replace, reduce, or refine animal use so that animals experience less suffering.

A treatment to prevent scarring and loss of vision after glaucoma surgery will soon be tried on patients. Following successful studies on mice and rats, a vaccine for malaria is now being tested on people.

There is a wealth of evidence showing that animal “models” are not accurate and cannot be relied upon for safety testing and disease research.

A Beastly Business: Why Ending Product Testing on Animals Is Good for Your Company Product testing on animals is an inaccurate, archaic, and downright method of checking whether the products are safe for human use and consumption.

Still, a lot of businesses all over the world use animals to test their products.


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