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Most of its authors are either theologians (e.g., John Haught, Sarah Coakley), philosophers with an interest in science (e.g., Nancey Murphy), or (former) scientists with long-standing interests in religion, some of whom are also ordained clergy (e.g., the physicist John Polkinghorne, the biochemist Arthur Peacocke, and the molecular biophysicist Alister Mc Grath).The systematic study of science and religion started in the 1960s, with authors such as Ian Barbour (1966) and Thomas F.

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The relationship between religion and science is the subject of continued debate in philosophy and theology.

To what extent are religion and science compatible?

It is a way of feelings, a way of consolation a spiritual enlightenment.

According to George Bernard “Life will lose its charm when faith is replaced by cold scientific reason” Science can certainly satisfy the material needs of a man but it cannot quench his thirst for two king beyond the real.

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But behind the apparent diversity, there is a unity between science and religion. A theological like a scientist tries to discover the mysteries of the universe and to assign a proper place to human beings in the scheme of things.

Both the aspects feel a great charm in deploying the secrets of nature.

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Science and religion are two aspects of human life.


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