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AQA Poetry: ‘Love and Relationships’ Desire in ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ and ‘Love’s Philosophy’ Separation in ‘When We Two Parted’ and ‘Neutral Tones’ Marriage in ‘The Farmer’s Bride’ and ‘Singh Song’ AQA Poetry: ‘Power and Conflict’ The Power of Nature in ‘Exposure’ and ‘Storm on the Island’ The Power of Memory in ‘Tissue’ and ‘Remains’ Pride in ‘Checking Out Me History’ and ‘Kamikaze’ Power and Pride in by J B Priestley How does Priestley use the character of Mr Birling to present ideas about capitalism? How does Priestley prepare the audience for the arrival of the Inspector?How far does Priestley present Gerald Croft as a sympathetic character?This will generate a separate version which you can adapt as you see fit, although I would appreciate it if you credited the original author somewhere on your adapted resource.

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Guides for AQA or Edexcel Specifications by George Orwell Poetry Study Guides These are necessarily different for the different exam boards.

They contain the poems themselves, and a more detailed focus on the language, form and structure than is found in the study guides for the longer texts.

AQA GCSE Literature Essay Questions with Exemplar Answers These are designed to be used for guided writing practice over three lessons.

The teacher goes through the essay framework in the first lesson.

Note: the links will take you to a ‘view only’ copy of the resource.

If you wish to create your own editable copy, go to ‘file’ and ‘make a copy’ or ‘download as’.They include core knowledge about plot, character, theme and context, as well as extended writing tasks for pupils.They could also be used at Key Stage Three, in which case, the guides could be given to the pupils as a reference point for their study of the works of literature.Paper 2 question 5: letter on banning cars in urban centres (November 2018 paper).Paper 1 questions 1-4 (AQA past paper from November 2018 – ‘A Sound of Thunder’) Literature Guides for Primary or Key Stage Three These guides were written as an aid to primary school teachers for teaching classic literature.In the second lesson, the teacher briefly recaps the essay framework and the pupils write the essay.In the third lesson, the teacher gives feedback and goes through the exemplar with the class.Guide to ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ Guide to ?Poetry Anthology: From Homer to Duffy This anthology is a collection of all of the poetry I have William Shakespeare Explore how Shakespeare presents ideas about romantic love.Explore how Shakespeare presents attitudes towards honour and revenge.


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