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I think mine is different in two aspects: 1) the fields, and hence the common practices, are generally different.2) the second paper in question is with a second coauthor.EDIT: I forgot to mention that my paper is available online, both on my home page and the ar Xiv.

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Is it acceptable to submit our new paper and cite the relevant results from my previous, still under review, paper?

I don't think I want to wait for acceptance since it could still take a few more months and job application time is getting closer.

"Innovation and novelty need to be recognized," says Antonia Abbey, Ph D, editor of .

At the end of your process, you will recommend whether the journal should accept the manuscript as is, reject it outright or ask the authors to revise and resubmit the article.

This guide will help you understand what peer reviewed articles are and how to find them.

It will also help you understand the difference between scholarly/peer reviewed articles found in journals and popular articles found in things like newspapers or magazines.Here are 10 keys from editors of APA journals to guide you: At its core, a manuscript review is made up of three sections: After you have read the manuscript—and before you start writing—scour the journal and pay attention to how the articles are presented.Take note of the formatting, the order of the sections and the level of detail expected in the articles."The manuscript might be really good," Sokol-Chang says, "but perhaps not for that particular journal." An example would be if you’re reviewing a very technical manuscript for a broad journal such as , which focuses on major developments across all of psychology."In your note to the author, you should feel free to make suggestions about the best place to resubmit the manuscript," Sokol-Chang adds.On day three, he completes the rating form and types up his notes to the authors and the editor.Stoops came by this process through trial and error, and he says it may not suit everyone. "You just need to identify what works for you." Many reviewers struggle with statistics, says Richard Gilman, Ph D, editor of .Potential reviewers land on the radar of journal editors in a variety of ways: They may have recently landed a tenure-track position, been lead author on a standout paper or even given a compelling talk at a conference.But how, exactly, does a reviewer approach the manuscript-review process?The results from my paper, while obviously original, are not unexpected, and they extend previous (published) results to more general situations.This means that, at least for experts, the results themselves should be correct, so it's not something suspicious.


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