Amway Marketing Strategy Case Studies

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Marketers do everything they can to satisfy customers’ needs.These needs, actually, are the same in time; the only thing that’s changing is the way people spend their lives according to the technological progress and the offer on the market.Amway’s communication used to be print-based (brochures, catalogs).

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Therefore, we faced the challenge of devising a mobile strategy for Amway Online.

Frequently, mobile projects are understood as mobile applications copying existing functionalities of desktop Internet systems. On the contrary, mobile solutions should take maximum advantage of the capabilities of mobile devices and fit into the overall customer service strategy. We started the mobile project by extending the standard version of the Amway Online system with an API (Application Programming Interface) to enable developers to create peripheral applications without the need to rebuild the main system.

Amway lets you start your own company and sell high quality products and offer others the opportunity to sell too.

More than 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) currently work with Amway worldwide.Since early 2011, we've been working on a common E-Commerce platform for Eastern and Western Europe.The platform targets 29 countries and provides Users across all markets with the same functions.So, with the same products, but a new way to communicate, the company won new customers without affecting the old ones.The Amway website now includes two major components: After taking the quiz, customers get recommendations: More important for Amway is the information they collect about the customers by asking questions concerning age, sex and other demographics or behavioral aspects.Lead generation and conversion rate optimization are her favorite marketing tactics because they involve both creativity and planning. How our adventure started Amway is the world leader in direct selling and operates in 80 countries.Social Proof has more power than the seller’s word.Find out more tips&tricks about online stores optimization from our Resources section: blog, infographics and a quiz to show you how to get more conversions.Coldwell confirms this statement: “Having all that information means we can continue to develop our materials to suit what our audience is embracing” An overview of the online store What is good ; it is a distraction for customers who may return back to the homepage and forget about their purchase.Suggestions should be made by other customers, not by the seller.


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