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The interactive nature of the Internet presents a great challenge to educators, because a hundred students can be following a hundred different topics at the same time.How is the educator going to keep up with all of them?The elderly woman who is unable to drive can log onto the Internet and shop for groceries, fill a prescription or even chat with her grandchildren via web cam. People of all ages can log on 24/7 in search of whatever they need.

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Collectors no longer have to scour flea markets and yard sales on weekends to find coveted items to add to their collections all they have to do is log on to Ebay and post a bid. The web has a plethora of sites created specifically for teachers to share ideas, change information, and share documents (thanks enotes! Perhaps young people stand to gain the most from using the Internet.

In addition to being able to express themselves and show creativity on sites like My Space and Twitter, they can also use the net for school projects and homework. I think that students sometimes rely too much in the internet.

It is crucial to develop critical analysis skills and/or to be able to corroborate information before accepting it as "gospel truth." Another double-edged Internet point is that there is also a plethora of entertainment sites, including games, available to users.

While this allows children and adults alike to learn new skills through games, as well as to simply have fun, it can also quickly become a new addiction, leading to "couch potato syndrome." Like most anything in life, Internet usage can become too much of a good thing.

However, if a person believes in manual work and that technology may one day be used to replace human work, then the he/she may view internet use to be more damaging than good. family members, different races and cultures, different economic and social backgrounds, etc.) to connect and exchange ideas, personal and professional experiences, as well as, historical and up-to-date events and activities. It facilitates classroom enrichment activities, opportunities for learning and work, as well as immediate transmittal of critical, or time-based, documents.

In responding to this question, it is my hope to be neutral and state the disadvantages and advantages as matter-of-fact. Internet use has several advantages, of which a few are included below, among children and adults. It provides access to a wealth of referenced sources and information, as well as, common information from around the globe. Internet use has several disadvantages, of which a few are included below, among children and adults. It can serve as an avenue for predators to find victims. It is available only to families and businesses that have the resources to subscribe to its services, or have access through other locations. It may cause people to lose track of time and even become severely attached, or addicted, to its use.Strangely, the advantages of internet use are simply a flip side of the coin with disadvantages.The structure and contributions of the internet are basically unregulated. On one hand, the internet contains vast amounts of information that can be readily accessed by anyone with a computer.The internet fosters a global information exchange and allows people from totally different backgrounds share ideas and communicate in ways that were never possible before.The Internet offers a wealth of information, available at any time, from any place with a 'Net connection.For those who live in an area without access to a large, well-stocked library, this is a huge advantage, especially for students and researchers.This also brings a disadvantage, if the user isn't discerning.Much of the information available is incorrect, incomplete, or misleading.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Because of its introduction into education and its availability to just about anyone, the world will probably never be the same.People of all ages can log on 24/7 in search of whatever they need. Because of its introduction into education and its availability to just about anyone, the world will probably never be the same.


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