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For a number of reasons, natural and human, people have recently evacuated or otherwise abandoned a number of places around the world—large and small, old and new.

If this link does not work-- some web-browsers are incompatible or perhaps your computer is blocking pop-ups-- copy and paste this email address into your email system:[email protected] send Linda a letter: Linda M.

Hasselstrom PO Box 169Hermosa SD 57744 What's Here? All have photos, some have recipes, a few have poems.

Lammas: Celebrating the Season of Regret and Farewells, of Harvest and Preservation (originally posted --- August, 2012)Linda explains how you can "celebrate" regrets and farewells.

Learn how harvesting and preservation apply not only to your garden but also to your writing life.

Gleaning as Writing, Writing as Gleaning (originally posted --- September 22, 2012)Linda writes of specific instances of gleaning and how gleaning has become a philosophy of life and a benefit to her writing.

This essay is the full and un-cut version of the essay that appears in the book Going Green: True Tales from Gleaners, Scavengers, and Dumpster Divers, edited by Laura Pritchett, University of Oklahoma Press, 2009.Coyotes and the Autumnal Equinox (originally posted --- September 21, 2013)Linda writes of coyotes and preparing for winter.Includes her poem "Coyote Song."What Rain Makes: Turning Regret into Harvest (originally posted --- August 1, 2013)Linda recommends you turn rain into hay, and rejection into constructive criticism that will make your writing better.Collected here are recent scenes from nuclear-exclusion zones, blighted urban neighborhoods, towns where residents left to escape violence, unsold developments built during the real estate boom, ghost towns, and more.A beard-and-mustache battle in Los Angeles, a sleepy young rhino in France, a shepherd among Turkish foothills, the Corso Zundert flower parade in the Netherlands, the “Futurium” in Berlin, and much more An orphaned lion cub in Turkey, wildfires in Bolivia, a performance by Lizzo in New Jersey, a mudflat horse race in Germany, bog snorkeling in Wales, the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship in Utah, and much more.Wrap Yourself in Darkness and Banish Fear (originally posted --- December 21, 2012)Linda writes of embracing both the literal and figurative darkness and letting the light into dark places.Summer’s End: From Magpie Mind to Turtle Tranquility (originally posted --- October 31, 2012)Linda writes of the contradictions contained in Samhain-- the celebration of the change from summer to winter-- and reveals why she has chosen the turtle as her personal symbol.Fire and Ice and Prairie Flamingoes (originally posted --- June 21, 2014)Linda juxtaposes current news stories-- good and bad-- with descriptions of historical Summer Solstice celebrations and snippets of ranch life, creating a poetic essay of contrasts. (originally posted --- April 30, 2014)In honor of Beltane, Linda makes symbolic love to spring in a writing exercise using her five senses, writing down the results, and then creating a poem from the collection of material she observed and sensed.Includes a draft poem entitled "Cataracts" along with Linda's notes on the writing process. Read about the criticism by an editor Linda received and the water revelation she had that made her writing better.See the August 1, 2013 message called What Rain Makes: Turning Regret Into Harvest.


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